Brighton Ultimate hosted this year’s club south east regionals at the University of Sussex.  It went very well.  Congratulations to our very own Brighton City for winning the one day tournament.  Here are the results:

  1. Brighton City (Q)
  2. Brighton Legends (Q)
  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Q)
  4. Reading 1
  5. Hampshire 1
  6. Reading 2
  7. Brighton Breezy
  8. Jekyll & Hyde
  9. Brighton Bier Shpressure
  10. Hampshire 2

MVP of the 3v4 game-to-go was Rhys Harris (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Spirit ranking:

Thanks to all teams for returning your spirit scores so efficiently in advance of the presentation, we had a full complement of scores by the end of the day so were able to award the trophy to the rightful winners, Brighton Bier Shpressure. Average scores are given below, more detail is available for teams who would like it.

  1. Brighton Bier Shpressure (12.5)
  2. Brighton Breezy (12.3)
  3. Reading 1 (12.0)
  4. Reading 2 (11.5)
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox (11.2)
  6. Jekyll & Hyde (10.8)
  7. Brighton City (10.7)
  8. Hampshire 1 (9.5)
  9. Hampshire 2 (9.5)
  10. Brighton Legends (9.3)

Last Tuesday we had the annual End Of Season dinner, after a year that saw some excellent results from all the Brighton Ultimate teams. Highlights included two Mixed teams getting 5th/6th at Mixed Tour 1, three Open teams at every Open Tour (we are one of only two clubs to manage that), Brighton 1 getting 4th at nationals and an awesome 8th at the European Ultimate Championship Finals, and Brighton Women improving their result at each tournament.
Mixed Tour 1: BUM1 5th, BUM2 6th
Mixed Tour 2: BUM1 3rd
Mixed Tour 3: BUM1 5th
Open Tour 1: BU1 5th, BU2 21st, BU3 42nd
Open Tour 2: BU1 5th, BU2 26th, BU3 44th
Open Tour 3: BU1 6th, BU2 28th, BU3 44th
Open SE Regionals: BU1 1st
Open Nationals: BU1 4th
European Ultimate Championship Finals: BU1 8th
Women’s Tour 1: 12th
Women’s Tour 2: 10th
Women’s Tour 3: 9th
Women’s Nationals: 8th

Here’s Brighton 1 captain Sion’s write-up of the awards given out at the dinner:

Women’s Player of the Year – went to Bobbi. Aside from the fact she’s a very talented player with great grabs, spatial awareness, and steely determination (her German side I think), she was also commended for firing up a relatively new team with her competitiveness, passion and banter. A well deserved bottle of Cava is on ice for you somewhere in Brighton, (ditto those who didn’t collect).

Open Player of the Year – went to Sion, awarded by Mental for his input into running the first team. His style of managing the team is based on being formless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Mixed Player of the Year – went to Robbie. Robbie was nominated for a number of awards – he’s had a big impact this year on the club, whether representing Brighton at Mixed or Open. Its early days for Robbie, but already he’s marking out some of the best players both here and in Europe.

Most Improved Male – went to Toppers, (Chris Frame). During the entire season he played both within his ability and at the same time inspirationally; getting some vital D’s at critical moments. Playing within your ability on the first team, whilst also being able to dig deep and bring the intensity needed to make a difference is a hard balance to strike…great job Toppers.

Most Improved Female – went to Alice Wylie. Although Alice is a new player, she’s certainly wily. She showed great commitment to the team and tour this year, and her game has improved hugely, whether on disc or cutting and taking down discs up-field.

Most Spirited Player – went to Megan. The secret to her success is based on politeness, honesty and respect, (taken from nominators feedback), underpinned by a encyclopedic knowledge of the rules, (Robbie, Megan, Callum and YT sometimes play this really fun game. What you do is get a hard copy of the rules and then each person has to think of a pertinent example that applies to that particular rule; if you can’t think of one, your out. Megan’s always last man standing).
This true anecdote does demonstrate something fundemental. You may have good knowledge of the rules, but its fair-mindedness and respect that set Megan apart…someting to think about and aspire to next season. Great job Megan.

Other Mentions – Last, but not least its really important to mention all the people behind the scenes who are committed to Brighton Ultimate. Evil has done a great job this year as treasurer and was especially thanked by all; Alize for organising the event; Tom White for sorting Regionals, Megan for always stepping in and helping in numerous ways; Callum for sorting out the Forum; Rolls and Ala for many good suggestions and ideas throughout the year and Rapo, (with others), for organising SICKO. I’m sure there are many others – apologies if there are any glaring omissions.

Brighton Ultimate have played and won their final game of the World Ultimate Club Championships 2010 in Prague. They beat SQOAL from Japan 18-16 in the 19th/20th place playoff this morning. Congratulations to all who played, from the scorelines you can tell that there were a number of close games and their eventual placing deserved to be a bit higher.

From Tom White, written on the day before their final game:

A very tight and hotly contested game ending in a [16-14] loss to Duke sums our tournament up. We never managed to properly fire on all cylinders for a whole game, and we seemed to have an unlimited supply of out-of-character individual errors. We had some great patches with everyone the team playing awesomely, and there is a great feeling from all that they wouldn’t want to be playing with anyone else.
Tomorrow we play for 19th. Not where we’d hoped to be at the end of a hard week. But I think it’s pretty much right, and we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Click below to see all of Brighton’s results.
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Brighton Mixed stormed through to beat German team Frizzly Bears 15-6 in the final of the mixed division at the European Ultimate Championship Finals. Well done everyone!

Meanwhile, Brighton Open had a lot of really close matches, only winning 2 of their 7 games. Despite a low finish of 37th place, they gave their opponents a really tough time and showed that they deserved to be competing at XEUCF.

Check back in a day or two for some photos from the tournament.

Brighton Ultimate have had mixed results over the first two days of the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals. The Mixed team have been storming through – winning all their games – and are currently top seeds in the mixed division. The Open team won their first game on Thursday but lost their subsequent four games – they had some very close matches though and made their opponents really fight for every point. Over the next two days Brighton Mixed will be looking to reach the mixed division final, and Brighton Open will be trying to iron out the creases in their game, get some more wins under their belt, and gain a few places in the rankings.

You can follow our progress by checking the Brighton Ultimate Twitter feed, which will be updated live throughout the tournament. The final placings will be posted here next week along with a link to some photos from the tournament.

After their excellent 2nd place at Mixed Tour 1, Brighton Ultimate’s mixed team continued their great season of results with 3rd place at Mixed Tour 2, and 2nd again at Mixed Nationals. These excellent results mean Brighton have qualified for the European club championships, to be held later this year in London.

We had an outstanding start to the ultimate season this weekend as Brighton Mixed came second at Mixed Tour 1. The final was against the Great Britain team, and by all accounts the scoreline was pretty close. Hopefully some more info later…

The Brighton-based junior team, Strangers With Candy, recently sent two teams to the 2009 Under-19s Indoor Nationals. They had great results all round, coming 8th and 11th (out of 28 teams), and achieving 1st and 2nd place in Spirit scores! You can read the full tournament reports here.

Brighton sent three teams to the UK open & women’s national ultimate championships last weekend, and had great results all round:
Brighton 1 came 5th in Open division 1.
Brighton 2 came 7th in Open division 2 (that’s 23rd overall, and their best finishing position ever in a national event).
Brighton Women came 7th in the Women’s division.

A few weeks earlier, Brighton also went to the UK mixed national ultimate championships and maintained this year’s excellent mixed division performances with a third place finish.

Good job everyone who played! Now we head into the long, dark, muddy and wet winter season (as opposed to the long, bright, muddy and wet summer season) and train up for next year…

Skogshyddan Winter Trophy (Göteborg, Sweden)
Open – 20th (of 32)
Women – 16th (of 20)

London Winter League 3
Open – 2nd (div 1)
Mixed – 7th (div 1)

Tour 0
Brighton 1 – Moved up from 6th to 1st, putting them as A Tour 6th seeds for Tour 1
Tournament report excerpt from Tom:

We were up against Masters again for the final. Luckily Warrior found us another pitch, which wasn’t just a mud bath. We stuck to our zone up- and down-wind, and the Masters played it very well. They dumped and swung and poked little ones through with great patience and accuracy. Brickers did a lot of the chasing and was a formidable force, making all throws difficult. After a couple of points with the wind, we broke out of their zone and took a point against the wind. Masters stayed patient, but every 20th or 30th pass we’d get a turn. Sometimes the wind would lift the disc, sometimes they’d over throw it – and lets not forget Ryan’s layout D in the wall, that we converted into an up-wind point. Finally time goes with us 6-3 up game to 7. We have the wind, and a huck on 9 is brought down by Jack with a massive grab in the zone for the win.

Nothing to it.

Brighton 2 – Moved up from 24th to 23rd, putting them as B Tour 9th seeds for Tour 1.
Report excerpt from Mediocre:

Last in our pool were #1 seeds Discuits 1 and they quickly justified their seeding with a 5-1 half-time score. Maybe they gave up… maybe we relaxed… I don’t know (but I want to)… and we went on to play some awesome ultimate and win the second half 5-4. 5 points off Discuits was apparently as much as they’d lost in their previous 3 games. Well played BU 2!

Cross-over time now and we were keen to get the silly 24v31 game out the way and take this rich vein of form into the all-important 24v15 game and our chance of the big time! But… we were scheduled on Pitch 15 and had to wait for the Women to finish first, meaning we had a 90-minute wait. Then it started raining.
This proved too much and we LOST to EMO 2, 6-5. Arse-end ultimate for us then! :(
No, wait. That wasn’t OUR hooter! Yippee – a second chance. We cut our line, kept our nerve and came back to win 8-6. Phew.