2011 End Of Season awards and results round-up

Last Tuesday we had the annual End Of Season dinner, after a year that saw some excellent results from all the Brighton Ultimate teams. Highlights included two Mixed teams getting 5th/6th at Mixed Tour 1, three Open teams at every Open Tour (we are one of only two clubs to manage that), Brighton 1 getting 4th at nationals and an awesome 8th at the European Ultimate Championship Finals, and Brighton Women improving their result at each tournament.
Mixed Tour 1: BUM1 5th, BUM2 6th
Mixed Tour 2: BUM1 3rd
Mixed Tour 3: BUM1 5th
Open Tour 1: BU1 5th, BU2 21st, BU3 42nd
Open Tour 2: BU1 5th, BU2 26th, BU3 44th
Open Tour 3: BU1 6th, BU2 28th, BU3 44th
Open SE Regionals: BU1 1st
Open Nationals: BU1 4th
European Ultimate Championship Finals: BU1 8th
Women’s Tour 1: 12th
Women’s Tour 2: 10th
Women’s Tour 3: 9th
Women’s Nationals: 8th

Here’s Brighton 1 captain Sion’s write-up of the awards given out at the dinner:

Women’s Player of the Year – went to Bobbi. Aside from the fact she’s a very talented player with great grabs, spatial awareness, and steely determination (her German side I think), she was also commended for firing up a relatively new team with her competitiveness, passion and banter. A well deserved bottle of Cava is on ice for you somewhere in Brighton, (ditto those who didn’t collect).

Open Player of the Year – went to Sion, awarded by Mental for his input into running the first team. His style of managing the team is based on being formless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Mixed Player of the Year – went to Robbie. Robbie was nominated for a number of awards – he’s had a big impact this year on the club, whether representing Brighton at Mixed or Open. Its early days for Robbie, but already he’s marking out some of the best players both here and in Europe.

Most Improved Male – went to Toppers, (Chris Frame). During the entire season he played both within his ability and at the same time inspirationally; getting some vital D’s at critical moments. Playing within your ability on the first team, whilst also being able to dig deep and bring the intensity needed to make a difference is a hard balance to strike…great job Toppers.

Most Improved Female – went to Alice Wylie. Although Alice is a new player, she’s certainly wily. She showed great commitment to the team and tour this year, and her game has improved hugely, whether on disc or cutting and taking down discs up-field.

Most Spirited Player – went to Megan. The secret to her success is based on politeness, honesty and respect, (taken from nominators feedback), underpinned by a encyclopedic knowledge of the rules, (Robbie, Megan, Callum and YT sometimes play this really fun game. What you do is get a hard copy of the rules and then each person has to think of a pertinent example that applies to that particular rule; if you can’t think of one, your out. Megan’s always last man standing).
This true anecdote does demonstrate something fundemental. You may have good knowledge of the rules, but its fair-mindedness and respect that set Megan apart…someting to think about and aspire to next season. Great job Megan.

Other Mentions – Last, but not least its really important to mention all the people behind the scenes who are committed to Brighton Ultimate. Evil has done a great job this year as treasurer and was especially thanked by all; Alize for organising the event; Tom White for sorting Regionals, Megan for always stepping in and helping in numerous ways; Callum for sorting out the Forum; Rolls and Ala for many good suggestions and ideas throughout the year and Rapo, (with others), for organising SICKO. I’m sure there are many others – apologies if there are any glaring omissions.