Results round-up

Skogshyddan Winter Trophy (Göteborg, Sweden)
Open – 20th (of 32)
Women – 16th (of 20)

London Winter League 3
Open – 2nd (div 1)
Mixed – 7th (div 1)

Tour 0
Brighton 1 – Moved up from 6th to 1st, putting them as A Tour 6th seeds for Tour 1
Tournament report excerpt from Tom:

We were up against Masters again for the final. Luckily Warrior found us another pitch, which wasn’t just a mud bath. We stuck to our zone up- and down-wind, and the Masters played it very well. They dumped and swung and poked little ones through with great patience and accuracy. Brickers did a lot of the chasing and was a formidable force, making all throws difficult. After a couple of points with the wind, we broke out of their zone and took a point against the wind. Masters stayed patient, but every 20th or 30th pass we’d get a turn. Sometimes the wind would lift the disc, sometimes they’d over throw it – and lets not forget Ryan’s layout D in the wall, that we converted into an up-wind point. Finally time goes with us 6-3 up game to 7. We have the wind, and a huck on 9 is brought down by Jack with a massive grab in the zone for the win.

Nothing to it.

Brighton 2 – Moved up from 24th to 23rd, putting them as B Tour 9th seeds for Tour 1.
Report excerpt from Mediocre:

Last in our pool were #1 seeds Discuits 1 and they quickly justified their seeding with a 5-1 half-time score. Maybe they gave up… maybe we relaxed… I don’t know (but I want to)… and we went on to play some awesome ultimate and win the second half 5-4. 5 points off Discuits was apparently as much as they’d lost in their previous 3 games. Well played BU 2!

Cross-over time now and we were keen to get the silly 24v31 game out the way and take this rich vein of form into the all-important 24v15 game and our chance of the big time! But… we were scheduled on Pitch 15 and had to wait for the Women to finish first, meaning we had a 90-minute wait. Then it started raining.
This proved too much and we LOST to EMO 2, 6-5. Arse-end ultimate for us then! :(
No, wait. That wasn’t OUR hooter! Yippee – a second chance. We cut our line, kept our nerve and came back to win 8-6. Phew.