Brighton Ultimate finish 19th at WUCC2010

Brighton Ultimate have played and won their final game of the World Ultimate Club Championships 2010 in Prague. They beat SQOAL from Japan 18-16 in the 19th/20th place playoff this morning. Congratulations to all who played, from the scorelines you can tell that there were a number of close games and their eventual placing deserved to be a bit higher.

From Tom White, written on the day before their final game:

A very tight and hotly contested game ending in a [16-14] loss to Duke sums our tournament up. We never managed to properly fire on all cylinders for a whole game, and we seemed to have an unlimited supply of out-of-character individual errors. We had some great patches with everyone the team playing awesomely, and there is a great feeling from all that they wouldn’t want to be playing with anyone else.
Tomorrow we play for 19th. Not where we’d hoped to be at the end of a hard week. But I think it’s pretty much right, and we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Click below to see all of Brighton’s results.

Pool Games:
Brighton Ultimate 17 – 08 guayota ull (Spain)
Brighton Ultimate 13 – 17 Upsadaisy (Austria)
Brighton Ultimate 17 – 03 Brazzinga (Brazil)
Brighton Ultimate 13 – 17 AMP (USA)

Power Pool Games:
Brighton Ultimate 13 – 09 Credo
Brighton Ultimate 13 – 15 Newcastle Pie Wagon
Brighton Ultimate 08 – 15 Mental Floss Tycoons

17-20 Bracket Playoff:
Brighton Ultimate 14 – 16 Duke

19/20th Place Finals:
Brighton Ultimate 18 – 16 SQOAL