SICKOBU Membership

BU Membership is necessary if you want to attend any club training sessions*, make funding applications or be on a club tour team. Also to attend the AGM.

Annual Membership £10
Annual Student Membership £5

Membership is renewed through our online shop or by bank transfer.  If you prefer bank transfer please also email the treasurer with your UKU username and membership type (full, student, U18 etc).

* your first session is free!

UKU Membership

The UKU are the governing body in the UK.  They run the top level tournaments for which we regularly enter.  It is a requirement that all players attending UKU events be full UKU members.  Events include open, mixed and women’s tour, club/uni regionals and club/uni nationals (in or outdoor).  If you attend any of these tournaments you will need a UKU membership.  Not having one can result in the disqualification of your team.

It is also a requirement that you have at least UKU Basic membership (£6) after you attend your third BU event; so that you are covered by public liability insurance.

To get UKU membership visit the UKU website.  There is a special discounted membership for students and U18s.


For insurance purposes everyone needs BU membership, however if you’re new to Brighton Ultimate you’re allowed three sessions without it.

Similarly to BU membership everyone needs UKU membership for insurance.  UKU membership is also needed for a lot of UKU events.  There are a few types of UKU membership.  Basic membership is enough to allow you to attend our practices, so if in doubt get Basic UKU membership.  Full membership is if you’re attending tournaments or representing GB.

Again, similar to BU membership, you can come to our practices three times before requiring at least UKU basic membership.

Inline with the UKU; the BU membership expires on the 30th September each year; regardless when you bought it.

BU allows anyone trying the sport a free session when they start.  After that it’s the normal price.  The money we do take is only to cover the costs of the facilities.

No, however you won’t be privy to any BU benefits for that tournament.  Sometimes that’s financially better for you, sometimes not.  As this is the only tournament you are going to (with a Brighton team this season) you’ll need to give your tournament fee to your captain or better yet use the online shop.