Today we’ve put live an online shop for you guys to pay for various Brighton Ultimate ‘things’.  We hope it’ll give you the convenience of paying for things quickly online; things like membership, practice/tour fees and merch.  We’re starting off with just a few products but all going well the number will grow.

Along with announcing the shop going live there are lots of other things that become available today.  So here’s goes… announcing:

BU Membership for 2016/2017

For the forthcoming season you can now buy BU Membership.  You’ll need this membership to take part in all kinds of BU events, including Winter and Spring practices.  You also can only buy BU membership online.

Winter Practice Prepay Deal

As in previous years we have a Winter practice prepay deal where you can pay upfront and get free sessions thrown in.  We have a lovely venue and a lot of emphasis is going into quality coaching this year; so definitely get involved!

BU Discs

We’ve made a small order of discs that are available for general sale.  £9 a pop with a tiny bit of profit going back into the club.  We’re not delivering these through the post but instead bringing them to practice each Tuesday.  If you buy a disc watch out on social media etc to see what the plans are for giving them out.  Hannah Brew and Richard Roberts will coordinate.

Pay your Debts

There’s also a product for paying your debts.  Just input the amount you owe and a good description for the treasurer.

Need to know

For the time being there is a transaction fee on all orders.  It’s the cost of using the online payment gateway, which online shops normally hide in their prices.  BU are instead highlighting this charge so you can make an informed choice as to use the shop or pay BU with more conventional means.  For BU to go online; it significantly reduce the club’s workload and hopefully, for you, the convenience of buying online is worthwhile.

If you want to make the most out of the shop financially then know the rates are 1.4% + 20p per order. If you buy three things don’t make three orders otherwise you’ll be paying that 20p three times.

The final words are that there is much more information about these separate things on the respective product pages and on social media.

So without further ado go shopping!