SICKO Beginners 2016 Round Up

Over this weekend, and for the seventh year running, our SICKO team put on another great Beginners tournament that saw a great array of players from all over the south of the UK.  University players to long been graduates, GB players to complete beginners all playing in one of three divisions (Beginners, Women’s and Open).  Congratulations to Mohawks (University of Sussex), GB Women’s Masters and Sublime Beginners (Portsmouth University) on their finals victories, and to Rhubarb, GB Women’s Masters and Reading Knights (beginners) on winning spirit of the game in your respective divisions!

The top three in each division were as follows.  The full results will be published this week on the sicko website.

Beginners Division:

  • 1st – Sublime Beginners (Portsmouth)
  • 2nd Mohawks Y (Sussex)
  • 3rd Mohawks X (Sussex)

Women’s Division:

  • 1st – GB Women’s Masters 1
  • 2nd – Irn Brew
  • 3rd – Brighton Beautiful

Open Division:

  • 1st – Mohawks (Sussex)
  • 2nd – Cut Under
  • 3rd – GIMV

Brighton Ultimate is really proud to put on this annual event and help push new players into a sport (and friendship groups!) they’ll enjoy for a lifetime.  Thanks to everyone that helped throughout the weekend and especially the Brighton Ultimate community whose help makes this tournament happen!

Keep an eye on the Facebook channels and the sicko website for lost property and info on how to enter into Regurg in January and next year’s beginners tournament next October.