A quick update about Tour 1 before we go to Tour 2 and I get too behind…

Brighton 1 (A Tour)- Tough games against Leeds/Clapham/Fusion on Saturday, but won cross-over with Fire Of London 2 on Sunday to get in the top 8. After that, they won one more (Discuits) then lost the 5/6 play-off (a much closer game vs Leeds) to come 6th (up from their seeding of 8th).

Brighton 2 (B Tour) – Beat KO!, Black Sheep and Devon 2 but lost a tight game against ABH1 to put us 2nd in our group. We then beat ABH2 and GB Juniors on Sunday to put us in the plate final, but a long 3 hour gap before the last game somehow drained us of all ability to play Ultimate and we lost to Flump by lots. Overall won 5 of 7 games and moved up from 17th to 14th.

Brighton Women – Despite Cat and Megan’s injuries in the first game, they started strong on Saturday, winning all 3 games (GB Juniors, Steal, Mu2) by a good margin. Things were a little tougher on Sunday, but they still won 2 of 3 games (beat Discuits and Ltd Release), and eventually ended up 9th, 1 place up from their seeding. Megan’s knee is now impoving well, and Cat is out of hospital and recovering but won’t be back playing for a couple of weeks – get well soon both of you!