Updated: Brighton players at EUC2007

We are proud to have a number of Brighton Ultimate players who have been picked to play for various Great Britain Ultimate squads, and have the potential to represent GB at the upcoming 2007 European Ultimate Championships in Southampton this July. The players are as follows:
Great Britain Open – Thomas “Roach” Roach
Great Britain Mixed – James “Waggle” Houghton, Ham “The Hamdler” Roushanzamir, Richard “Gash” Harris
Great Britain Junior Open – Ryan “GB Ryan” Tarascas
Great Britain Masters – Doug “Dougie” Milne
Great Britain Junior Women – Lola Denham and Erin Brownbill

There are also some current & former Brighton-based players playing for other teams at EUC2007 – Inese Birgele is representing her home country of Latvia in the women’s division, and Johanna “Lethal” Weppen and Alizé “Bob” Clough are playing as ‘foreign‘ guest players for the Belgian women’s team.

Good luck to all the Brighton people at EUC!