Mixed Tour 2 success

Brighton Ultimate 1 and 2 continued their success in the Mixed Tour last weekend, coming 6th and 8th respectively.

Brighton 1 were seeded 8th, and moved up to 6th after finishing 3rd in their pool. They won their cross-over to stay in the top 8, and then beat Brighton 2 to put them in the 5/6 playoff. Unfortunately after a tough and hard-fought game they lost to Locomotive Leeds, but still ended up two places above their initial seeding.

Brighton 2 were seeded 13th (after moving up from 23rd at Mixed Tour 1), and soon moved up into the top 8 by winning their pool (despite only having 4 ladies and having to play 3 men/4 women more often than not), and then beating Bristol Plastic Factory in their cross-over to secure a top 8 place. This put them up against Brighton 1, but after a close game they lost and went into the 7/8 playoff against BAF. Another close game with a great comeback from Brighton, but they couldn’t take it all the way to a win; nonetheless they still finished in the top 8, making Brighton not only the only club with two teams in the top 8, but Brighton 2 the highest 2nd team by 16 places.

Great work everyone who played at the weekend, and props to the women who played ironman (or ironwoman, rather)! Hope your legs aren’t feeling too bad today…