LWL1 Reports

A couple of brief reports on our two teams performances last Sunday in London.


Here’s a brief summary of Brighton Mixed’s performance yesterday at Winter/Ladder League 1 on a sunny (and relatively warm) Wandsworth Common.

The inevitable 6:45 wake-up call was not appreciated but the early morning sun had the desired effect so I was up and only a bit late to be picked up by Cat at 7.30 or so. Herpes and Hotlips piled into the car and we went to fetch Inese. At about this time, we learned that Becca wasn’t going (bufty bufty homework) so we negotiated with Roland for him to take one of our number to even up the car loads. Poor old Hotlips christened “Squaddie” later in the day) got turfed out onto the roadside of the A23 to stand in the cold waiting for Rolls while, unconcerned about his welfare, we zoomed off to London.

The team included new (Megan) and old (Mediocre) faces and we wondered how the various individuals would come together as a team. Cat was the only regular girl (attendance at WL – nothing to do with bowel movements) and it was virgin territory for Inese, Tasha and Megan. “Howling Mad” May from Ltd Release showed up after the first game was over but since we beat Pyramus & Frisbee 13-2, we hadn’t really noticed. It was the first WL for Sion (late of Fusion & Fire) and we picked up a London Jason as well (Electric Mayhem not appearing). Me(diocre), Rolls and Herpes filled out the numbers to give us 5 and 5. That first game surprised us rather – we handled well, with awesome D and a few hucks to finish them off – despite us getting two point blocks which the handlers managed to catch again!

Next was Discuits and since they were in Perth whatever remnants they could scrape together would surely be easy prey. Hmm – sadly not. It was a close-fought game all the way through, with the appearance of Lee Noble at 3-2 the crucial factor. He didn’t do that much but his presence (and sidearm hucks) gave Discuits the edge and they sneaked a 6-5 victory in sudden death.

That put us second in our pool so we were battling for 4th, 5th or 6th. First was Ham – sorry, first was Thrown from Kings. They thought they were playing Discuits and Ham was giving them precise instructions about how they were going to deal with Discuits’ O and D – particularly Lee Noble – when I jogged over and told him it was us. “Oh, in that case forget everything”, he said, “this lot are easy”. And so we proved, going 3-0 down. But when we managed to shut down their long plays and got our handlers cutting through their zone we did much better, winning something like 10-8.

Finally, we played ABH – always a nice bunch, Cat in particular enjoyed matching up against some of the girls she played with for Blue on the Womens’ tour. Once more we started badly (3-1 down?) before we stepped up the D and started using some more hucks on O. Once again, this proved successful and we won 11-9.

So, three out of four wins on the day – and that loss only in sudden death – and a 4th place finish beating our seeding of 6th. Not bad for a team who’d never played together! Perhaps it was Herpes’ excellent captaincy.

Thanks again to: Cat, Tasha, Megan, Inese, May, Sion, Jason, Herpes and Rolls.




I had a great time at winter league on sunday – and am looking forward to the next one!

We beat Sublime and ABH in sudden death, then lost to Revolution (no-lo, ex UCL types), but ended up beating Fever to take 3rd place!

Brilliant play from everyone: Me, Spike, Olly at the back with wicked dump play; Kieran also dumping until he hurt his ankle; Hotlips with the rage to make us play harder; Badjob with great timed deep cuts to rip through the opposition; Rimjob with a hangover desperately trying to take a rest; Paddy and Arthur for being first timers who rocked!

Particular point of interest – Arthur’s layout score against fever.

rock on,