London Winter League 1 results

I have a feeling it only counts as a Ladder League event rather than a proper Winter League event, since a lot of the top teams/players are in Perth for the World Club Championships, but… Brighton Ultimate had some great results today in London.

In the open division, our team beat Sublime 7-6 and ABH 9-8 in their pool, then lost to Revolution 12-6 in the semi-final and beat Fever 10-8 in the 3v4 final, coming 3rd out of 12 teams.

In the mixed division, we beat PAF 13-2 and lost to Discuits 6-5 in the first pool, and then beat Thrown and ABH in our second pool to finish 4th out of 15.

Can we continue these great results when the London’s top open and mixed teams return from down-under? Only time, and London Winter League 2*, can tell…

*Sunday 10th December