Brighton Mixed beat Chichester in the final to win the last London Winter League event of the year, giving themselves enough points to secure first place in the entire winter league mixed division. Well done us! Who says London produces the best Ultimate teams in the UK?? ;)
Keep reading for a report from Mediocre.
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Along with Brighton-based mixed team Shocker, the Mohawks (consisting of both current and ex- Sussex Uni students) will also now be going to Paganello this Easter holiday. Due to another team dropping out, Jumpi offered the ‘Hawks a last-minute invite and, of course, they accepted. Only 4 weeks to go… bring on Rimini beach!

Click here to hear Jason (and Matt from Chichester) on BBC Southern Counties radio last week, taking part in a quiz and giving some tips on throwing a disc. [5.3MB mp3 file, just under 6 minute long]

Or more specifically, quiz-master and general know-it-all Jason “Mediocrefly” Stoakley is roped into representing the Mohawks (the Sussex University Ultimate Frisbee team) live on BBC Southern Counties radio. He battled against none other than Matt “Skeletor” Smith from Chichester University’s Ultimate Frisbee team but could only manage a draw. By all accounts he plugged “Extreme Frisbee” (as the presenter called it) as well as he could in the limited time, and may even be back on the radio next week to report on Brighton’s performance at Skogshyddan’s Winter Trophy tournament in Gothenberg this weekend.

You can listen to this morning’s radio show here – Jason was on the breakfast show at around the 2:27:00 mark. However, I will endeavour to record this particular part of the show and post it here on the website to make hearing it a bit easier, so check back on Monday.

And finally, if you’ve found this site after hearing Jason on the radio this morning, feel free to have a look around and come along to Preston Park on a Saturday at midday to meet us! We’re a friendly bunch and you’re more than welcome to try out the sport even if you’ve never picked up a frisbee before.
You can find more information about Ultimate Frisbee at the What Is Ultimate? website, and on Wikipedia.

Practice info:
Monday practices are back on, effective immediately. Turn up to Hove Rugby Club at 6:45pm to be ready to play at 7.

Recent results:

The Ladder League game on Saturday between the Mohawks and Brighton Ultimate was a long and hard-fought match. Every time Brighton got a lead Mohawks would claw back a few points to level the score, but in the end Brighton pulled away to win 17-13.

London Winter League today was played in some unexpected sunshine, which was nice. Mixed won two of their three pool games but there was a 3-way tie and we came out on top, putting us in the final against Discuits. It was a tough game and in the end we missed out on first place by a single point, losing 7-6. Open won 1 of their pool games (I think?) and lost their final, to come 6th. Longer reports will be posted should anyone write them.

Monday night practices have been cancelled for the time being* due to the rugby club wanting to let the pitch recover (they’ve cancelled all training sessions, not just ours). Saturdays are still on though (12:30 Preston Park) so all is not lost. The committee are also considering a weeknight indoor session in Moulsecomb focussed on fitness – stay tuned to the website & email list for updates.

*i.e. we probably won’t be playing there again until the new year.

Check out this press release from our sponsors Four Corners, where they talk about how cool we are.

In other news, after our success in London last weekend, Brighton Ultimate Mixed are up to 7th in the Ladder League standings, and the open team has also climbed a few places up to 17th.

If you weren’t at the club AGM last week, then you missed out on the first annual Brighton Ultimate player awards. This year they went to:
Most Improved Player: Becca
Most Hardworking Club Member (i.e. Brighton’s Bitch): Felix
Most Valuable Player: Roach
Most Spirited Player: Tequila
Well done, guys!

In order to make us into the most successful ultimate club in the country for the second year running, the committee would like you to let us know how we’re doing by filling out this questionnaire. The results will be used to fine-tune our training sessions, social events, and other aspects of Brighton Ultimate’s future development. All the responses are anonymous, so say what you really feel!

Note: the questionnaire is passworded, and you will have received the password via the Brighton Ultimate email list. If you’re not on this list and think you should be, talk to Roland (at practice or by emailing contact at brightonultimate dot co dot uk).

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If you want to buy one, speak to Roach at practice or email contact at brightonultimate dot co dot uk.