Brighton Beyond 2009 announced!

Brighton Ultimate are happy to announce registration for Brighton Beyond 2009 on the 15th/16th August.

If you’ve never been before, it’s a 16 team mixed tournament hosted on 15th/16th August in beautiful Sussex countryside surroundings on the edge of the South Downs in the middle of the summer, to wind down after an exciting Mixed Tour. For those of you who’ve came in previous years & have been eagerly awaiting for this announcement, skip the blurb and click the link at the bottom of the page to be the first to confirm your space.

Lewes, just north of Brighton

Directions video

15th/16th August 2009
16 mixed teams (3/4 split)
4 pitches
Free onsite camping
Rockin’ party
Green grass
29 minutes train from an airport
14 minutes walk from a train station
£120 for UK teams (£80/€100 for Euro teams)

Extras: Tasty & healthy on-site breakfast, snacks & BBQ, pitchside music, cocktails, team fun + snacks pack, prizes for spirit, MVPs, champions (the wooden disc), plate & spoon, plus plenty of other events depending on what we choose to spend our generous ‘fun’ budget on…

To find out how to sign up for BB2009, check the Sign Up page.

Get your team together for BB2009 now so you don’t miss this great opportunity to relax and celebrate a quality Mixed Ultimate season with cocktails, music…more music, and one hell of a party.

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