Brighton Ultimate hosted this year’s club south east regionals at the University of Sussex.  It went very well.  Congratulations to our very own Brighton City for winning the one day tournament.  Here are the results:

  1. Brighton City (Q)
  2. Brighton Legends (Q)
  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Q)
  4. Reading 1
  5. Hampshire 1
  6. Reading 2
  7. Brighton Breezy
  8. Jekyll & Hyde
  9. Brighton Bier Shpressure
  10. Hampshire 2

MVP of the 3v4 game-to-go was Rhys Harris (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Spirit ranking:

Thanks to all teams for returning your spirit scores so efficiently in advance of the presentation, we had a full complement of scores by the end of the day so were able to award the trophy to the rightful winners, Brighton Bier Shpressure. Average scores are given below, more detail is available for teams who would like it.

  1. Brighton Bier Shpressure (12.5)
  2. Brighton Breezy (12.3)
  3. Reading 1 (12.0)
  4. Reading 2 (11.5)
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox (11.2)
  6. Jekyll & Hyde (10.8)
  7. Brighton City (10.7)
  8. Hampshire 1 (9.5)
  9. Hampshire 2 (9.5)
  10. Brighton Legends (9.3)
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