Summer League of Legends

Round 2 of Summer League, or as it shall be known “Summer League of Legends”, starts on the 30th of July and will run for 4 weeks until the 20th of August. How teams will be decided will depend on numbers each week, but there will be a prize for the winner. It will cost £3 to enter and that is it, with 100% of money going back into BU.

If you’re attending please help with our planning by filling out this Doodle poll with your likely availability.


Where: Wild Park, Brighton

When: 6:15pm (1st game at 6:30) Monday 30th June for 4 weeks.  It’s also on the calendar.

Cost: £3 for all four weeks.  You can pay either online, in-person (cash) or the usual bank transfer.

New players and

BU is going to trial a series of meetup events to try and attract new players to our wonderful sport.  The plan is to have a beginners session run alongside Summer League.  As beginners get more experience and confidence they can, if they want to, move across into the summer league games.

To deliver this though we will need an extra coach each week and a contingent of experienced players for the beginners to throw with.  To also facilitate the beginner games and make sure everyone is getting involved and having fun.  If you would be willing to be a coach or an experienced player just there to help then please please do.  See below…

Want to help?

If you can help at summer league then please get in touch with Jonny.  Fetu will also be organising provisions for beginners, so get in touch with him if you can help there.

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