Summer Hat League: Final Week Recap

Monday saw the last batch of games in this summer’s first round of Summer Hat League. All games had so far gone to sudden death, with exactly the same scoreline (9-8), with Kemptown Massive sneaking just ahead with 2 wins. Looks like our sorting hat knew what it was doing…


Churchill Squares came out hungry in the first match against Wild Park Wanderers, jumping out to an early lead. Notable mentions go to Steph for scoring most of the goals, and to George Imbert for some big blocks on defence. But Wild Park were not to be outdone, and gradually crept their way back into the game – overturning a 3 point lead from when cap went on to bring it to, guess what, 8 all, game to 9. A beautiful lead pass from Arran to George sealed WPW’s fate, and Churchill came out with their first win!


Kemptown Massive went into their first game of finals week knowing it was the decider – a win would put them ahead in the table and give them the trophy. Some big plays from Connor and some good sneaking towards the endzone from Nolan Taylor kept it close, but the critical moment came when the point at 6-5 lasted forever, eventually going Kemptown’s way, for a big offensive hold, and to put the game at 7-5, game to 8. Kemptown earned their block and put in the score – leading to the first non-sudden death win of the tournament!


Playing for pride, Squares came out firing against Kemptown in the final game – with some great handler movement from Anastasia, John Maule and Arran Belden. The game was tight for a while, but Kemptown began to edge away, with some incredible layout saves by Henry and Pat. Kemptown Massive eventually took the game, leaving them the undefeated champions of BUSHL 2017 (round 1).

Kemptown Massive: BUSHL 2017 Winners (minus a few players…).

Congratulations to Hannah Brew, who won League MVP (as voted by the opposing teams each week) and landed herself a shiny Brighton Ultimate disc.

There was an amazing spread of talent across the teams, with Ricky, Wagner, Marketa, Connor, Nastia, Steph, Fetu, Nolan, Vicky and George also racking up MVP nominations from their opposition, and earning themselves a cute little BU badge (collect when you see Megan or Richard next!).

Special mentions also to Danny and Wagner, our newest players in league, who both made some incredible plays over the three weeks!

Spirit across the whole league was fantastic – with high averages for all three teams, and Kemptown Massive and Churchill Squares tied on the top score (only marginally ahead of Wild Park). Spirit prizes for all the individual players on these teams available to collect next Monday!


BUSHL 2017 medal ceremony


Club training will be running on Monday 10th July in Wild Park, from 6.45pm – there’ll be some special adjustments for those feeling a little achey from Tour at the weekend, but for those feeling sprightly, there’ll be more opportunity for WINNING – in a 3v3 mini tournament. It’s gonna be great!