LWL3 reports

A couple of quick reports from the Mixed and Open teams who played at London Winter League yesterday.

In the words of Kieran “We looked very good on paper”, a strong looking team all round including a couple of Shocker legends namely Nicole, Lovejoy and Dan and a record 7 women.

We started with a game against ovathrow and everything looked pretty good, despite a lot of us not playing together before we seemed to bond quickly, had some nice flow and played some good frisbee winning 11-8.

Next up was Ham and friends’ Thrown, and there always seems to be a score to settle, unfortunately we forgot how to play, letting them get a few points ahead at the start which we never quite managed to recover, eventually losing in sudden death 6-5.

Final game in our pool was against Chichester, we still didnt know how to play and had one oof the scrapiest games of ultimate ever, luckily we still played at a higher level than them and beat them a quite convincing 9-2.

As Ovathrow had beaten thrown we were left in a 3 way tie, which it was eventually worked out by an irate Nicole that we came top of after being drawn on points difference, points scored, points conceeded.

As we’d topped our group we were in the final against Discuits, we managed to step up our game and recover some skill and gave them a very tight game with points being traded most of the way, eventually though they took it by 1 which left us second. But we beat our seed once again, if we do the same next time then we’ll win!

Cool beans to everyone who played and cheers to Rolls for stepping in as organiser while i was on holiday!


We started off well, with 8 men, and were 3 – 3 with Discuits (Reading), and the rest of the team turned up, and we won 7 – 6 – a great result!

Not so great after, as we got spanked by Fire (who looked better this time). And then got beat by Fever! We never quite got into the game, and they shut us down with a zone which we didn’t have the patience to get around.

Oh well – as Fever got the math wrong, we ended up 3rd in the pool (we shoul dhave been last (4th)), and after Strange Blue went up 4 – 0, we brought the game back to lose 9 – 8.

Well played all – especially all the new-types who are coming along just fine! (despite mine / Douggies rants!)