LWL2 Mixed Report

Brighton Ultimate continued our London Winter League success last Sunday, coming 6th in the Open division and 3rd in Mixed. Here’s Vicky’s report on the Mixed team’s performance.
Winter League was really fun and cool – Discuits said after we beat them – ‘we saw you were girl heavy and tried to capitalise on this and we couldn’t!’

Playing Chichester Uni first, settled the score for Mel with us winning 13-4. Next up was Thundering Herd fresh back from Worlds – they dominated until our open sideline came to cheer us on. Thanks
guys! We brought it back but the end score went in their favour 9-7. After having tea and a rest we started out strong against Overthrown but they didnt lie down and give up, so we got to sudden death. They threw away, we tried to get it to lindsey but a massive man got in the way – we made them turn it again and Lucy scored 8-9. Our final game was against Discuits, not so fresh back from worlds. We dominated the game, they tried to fight back but our zone made them make about 50 passes a point, so time went and we scored the last point(I think) to make it 7-10. We came 3rd. Horray for us!

FYI – The scores are all probably wrong but they are sort of right.

Good job to Douggie and Sion for being tremendous and iron-man.

Iron-man Ileus was totally excellent and this was his first tournament.

Megan did us proud and worked hard to get to grips with running in a straight line in the wall.

Cat gave up her cozy afternoon in bed reading papers to give us long options and plug up the gaps in our zone.

Mel was a fantastic chase and rattled all the handlers.

Lucy was super reliable and scored the winning point in our sudden death game in style.

Lindsey was quick in the wall, leaping like a salmon, bringing down those discs they tried to pop over the top.

Kieran was a welcome relief allowing the guys to occasionally take a sub for a couple of games.

Thanks everyone and look forward to playing again soon.