Changes to the BU Constitution following AGM 2016

At the AGM in October, members voted through a change in constitution, relating to Section 9, which deals with the structure of the committee. This change streamlined the committee, in accordance with the proposal voted on at the AGM (available to view here), to the following six positions:

  • President
  • Director of Communications (vice-president)
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Performance

The new committee has redrafted the constitution (specifically Section 9) to reflect the outcome of this vote by the members, with the key adjustment of incorporating our Safeguarding Officer into the constitution, and protecting their oversight role and independence.

The updated constitution can be viewed here. The relevant amendments are in dark red text, in Section 9. The rest of the constitution remains unchanged.

This amendment to the Safeguarding Officer’s role is to ensure that our safeguarding procedures remain strong within our club, and was developed in conjunction with UK Ultimate (our national governing body) to ensure we meet their recommended practices around safeguarding, while still implementing the structural change voted on at the AGM.

The committee believes this redraft of the constitution to best represent the proposal voted on by members at the AGM, but invites any members with concerns regarding the incorporation of our safeguarding provision to raise these by emailing the Director of Communications (Nicole Cozens) at nicolecozens1108 at gmail dot com.

If no concerns are raised regarding these amendments, the constitution will be updated by the committee on 20th December 2016.