BU 2019 AGM & new committee

The BU 2019 AGM took place last week; here are the minutes, and welcome the new BU Committee 2019-20:
President: Zach Fairclough (+ Tom Mannings)
Treasurer: Ezra Goldsmith (+ Adam Preston)
Communications: Felix Shardlow
Development: Noah Brinkworth
Performance: Sarah Hills & Charlie Butt
Operations: Position not filled
Nicole Cozens remains as our Safeguarding Officer, however she notes that if a more active player is interested in the role then they should get in touch.
Thank you to the outgoing committee members for their work in 2018-19: Joe Butler, Adam Preston, Tom Mannings, and Chris Longman.
We are looking to fill the role of Director of Operations. Are you able to put something back into the BU Club this year? Here’s more info about the role:
Director of Operations
This person should have an overall knowledge of all operational undertakings by the club. They are responsible for ensuring that the club’s core activities are sustained whilst keeping an eye on the costings of any such activity.
This means that the health & safety officer, safeguarding and wellbeing officers should report to and receive direction from this person. Also any TDs for potential tournaments the club runs would receive direction from this person.
Responsibilities: Autumn & Winter training venue. Equipment. Legal things.
Desirables: Guiding the running of tournaments. Organising a painted pitch in Brighton.
If you think you could fulfil this role then please get in touch with the BU committee and we can talk through the requirements of the role in more depth. The BU committee are all volunteers who put time into running the club for the benefit of all members, and includes new volunteers every year.
If you are curious about the running of the club and potentially have some input, suggestions, or just want to keep your ear close to the ground, join the BU Community Forum, where the agenda & minutes are posted for each committee meeting, and topics related to the running of the club are raised & discussed!
BU Committee 2019-20