Training restarts Friday 13th January!

We once again have BACA booked on Fridays 8pm-10pm, and a roster of exciting coaches ready and waiting to help you be the best player you can be.

Practice is booked for 12 weeks, the last session being on Friday 31st March.

Training cost increase

Unfortunately we have to increase the cost of practice slightly compared to Autumn 2016.

In autumn we benefited from a discounted rate on hiring the pitch and some free sessions. BU still subsidised practice by about 15%.

This spring the costs are higher. BU will still subsidise practice to a similar, or higher level and if any surplus is made from practice this is used to support the local ultimate community.

Full price


per session

Men (paid in advance)


per session

Women & students (paid in advance)


per session

*advance means before, at or by midnight immediately after each practice, see more information below.

Ways to pay

You can pay for practice through our online shop, by bank transfer or by cash at practice.

Changes to pre-payment deals

Pre-paid practice is now refundable

So when you pay in advance you get a discount and the security of knowing that you can get your money back if you are unable to make a practice. Win-Win.

It will work on a pay-as-you-go credit basis – you top-up as and when you like and we will deduct from your balance when you attend a practice.

Advance payment discount is now available on single practice

You can pre-pay for as many discount practices as you like.

Any you don’t attend you can get refunded.

Advance payment discount is available until midnight every Friday

Provided you have no club debts* and pay before practice, at practice or by midnight on the day of a practice you will get the discounted rate.

*You can check your balance using the live balance list.

Other things

Make sure your club and UKU memberships are up to date.

As well as club membership, to train with BU you need at least Basic UKU membership. This covers your insurance.

Be debt-free to get advance discounts

Make sure you do not have club debt if you want to claim the advance payment discounts. Club debt includes membership and practice debt, as well as anything owed from the 2016 club season.