UKU Tour 2017 – Player Fees & Accommodation UPDATED


The committee have booked overnight accommodation for the club in Nottingham for Tour 1 and in Cardiff for Tour 2. These are church/school halls and so are a very affordable option and available to all members. Just bring your own roll mats / air beds, sleeping bags etc. Speak to your captain for more information.

The cost is £10 per person (regardless of number of nights you stay) – but this is reduced to £7.50 if you pay before midnight on the Friday before the tour (i.e. same deadline as for tour fees). You can add your accommodation in the online shop to these tours. There is also an “accommodation only” option in case you have already paid for the tour, or are paying from club credit. You can also pay by bank transfer, remembering to email the treasurer, as usual.


Player fees for the UKU Tour (Mixed, Women’s and Open) are now confirmed.

The standard fee will be £20 per tour, with early bird discount available reducing the fee to £15.

Early bird discount is only available if you are a paid-up BU member, with no debts. You can also pay from club credit – provided you have more than £15 in club credit on the Friday before a tour you will get the advance-pay discount.

All Open/Women’s Tours can be paid for now.

E.g. Mixed Tour 3 is on 13th/14th May. Brian is a BU member with a balance of £0. He pays in advance of the tournament – at 11pm on Friday 12th May – and so gets the discount and needs to pay only £15. His team mate, Bryan, also pays £15 at 11pm on Friday 12th May, but owes £4 from unpaid practice fees. Since any money paid in goes to the oldest debts first, Bryan’s £15 pays off the practice fee first, leaving him with £11 credit. Unless Bryan pays an extra £4 before midnight he will not be eligible for the discount and the tour will cost him £20 and he will owe the club £9 on Monday morning.

For the avoidance of doubt the following prices will be applied for each tour.

Bank transfers must be received / Online shop orders placed by:

Mixed Tour 1 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 31st March (£20 after)

Mixed Tour 2 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 21st April (£20 after)

Mixed Tour 3 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 12th May (£20 after)

Open/Womens Tour 1 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 2nd June (£20 after)

Open/Womens Tour 2 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 30th June (£20 after)

Open/Womens Tour 3 – £15 if paid before 23:59 Friday 14th July (£20 after)

This is a slight change from previous years, when we asked people to pay up front for all tours before the first tour in a series (mixed or O/W) in order to get a discount.

Now the discount is available for each tour individually so you don’t have to be able to front £45 at the start of the season to get the discount. You just need to make sure you’ve paid for each tour by midnight on the Friday before – in your sleeping bag in a scout hut, from a car on the motorway (or service station if you’re the driver), using Travelodge WiFi are all fine so long as you’ve paid by midnight on the Friday before the tour you’re paying for.

We hope this will make the discount available to more players, including those who join our teams after the first tour.

Yes, of course.

Whatever you pay in to BU will be kept track of and used to pay off any dues as they arise. So you can deposit as much as you like in the BU account whenever you like. Your member balance will always be available on the balance list.

We don’t recommend dropping out of tour, but understand that it happens and will refund if you don’t go for any reason. Your captains might not be so understanding though, so think carefully before you drop out of a tour!