At the December London Winter League, we could only field an Open team since many of our players had journied down to Plymouth for the Iron5 tournament. Quick summary from Waggle:

“The bad weather forecast didn’t materialise luckily for us, it was just a bit windy and a little cold, too cold for Fire of London it turned out as Brighton beat them 7-6. We took a 5-0 lead with some nice offence and tough D, Roach even got a callahan.

Next up was a fresh faced Ltd Release, again we started well with some good D and excellent long throws, special mention to Chris who skied Adian in the zone for a nice score. Final score 13-6.

Lastly was Revolution, old studenty guys. They only had 8 players and are old, so we took no pity on them and crushed them 13-3, kudos to Rimjob who was all over them and seemed to be everywhere on the pitch at once.”

Winning all our games meant we ended up in the #1 spot – that’s right, we’re winning the London Winter League open division! Hopefully we can maintain this awesomeness, and the Mixed team can make a good comeback when they reappear for the January event.

Meanwhile, here are the latest stats for WIBL along with commentary from Evil:

“The table has been updated and a lot has changed around the middle section. The top four remain in the same position with Basic Schooling very much in hand to take the top spot going into the second group stage/quarter after they manage a win over the reigning champions.

Also this week saw the first win for the Panthers, beating Pirates and moving very close to Squaws with just one point separating the two.”

TeamGames PlayedWinsDrawsLosesPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints DifferenceScore
Basic Schooling880073433016
Big Yellow Hat860275423312
James’ Freshers95047163810
Eunuch’s Freshers9414736589
Roach’s Lasses9414696549
Can’t Commit94055762-58
Strangers With Candy93065579-246
Pirates Of Ominous Proportions92075696-404

Next WIBL event is 10th of January – if you want to play just come along to Moulecomb leisure centre at 8pm, there’s always a team that needs pickups.

Next London Winter League is 13th of January – if you want to play sign up on the YahooGroups database, or email or speak to Felix to put your name down.

A final note about practices, don’t forget that tonight is the last practice before Christmas; the first practice in January is Saturday the 5th. Hope you all have a great holiday!