New options for paying for BU practice are now available in the online shop

Now that winter practice has moved to Fridays permanently we have a couple of new options for members to pay for the remaining practices. This is in recognition of the fact that some members may have different availability on Fridays.

Pre-pay (get a discount!)

The pre-pay discount offer has been re-opened (with the same level of discount as before) for the remaining seven practices of the year (starting 4th Nov – 16th Dec). This offer will be open until Thursday 10th November, so get in there quick!

Men: £20 (saving £4.50 compared to paying each week)

Women: £18 (saving £6.50 compared to paying each week)

Please note we don’t usually offer refunds on missed sessions with the pre-pay offer. The discount is equivalent to at least one free session, so if you miss one of the seven practices you’re still saving. If you think you’ll miss two or more of the remaining practice sessions then it’s cheaper for you to pay-as-you-go.


You can now pay for single practices through the online shop, by adding the “one practice” item to your basket.

You can add as many of these as you like to build up credit for the season. These are then used up as you attend and if you have credit left at the end of the winter practice season (i.e. April 2017) you can ask for a refund.

*Unfortunately we can’t refund the transaction charges, but this would only represent a few pence.

"But I’ve already pre-paid"

If you have already pre-paid for practice your subscription will continue to apply to the practices up to Christmas. However, if the change of day means that you are no longer able to attend regularly or you would prefer to pay-as-you-go instead then please contact the treasurer.