Brighton Ultimate is committed to transparency in all of our activities. As such, the committee has committed to the following principles for publishing the agenda and outcomes of committee meetings:

  • The agenda for all ordinary committee meetings will available online in advance of the meeting. This will ideally be 7 days in advance, although there may be some small amendments or additions closer to the time.
  • A summary of all committee meetings will be available online after the meeting. Ideally, this will be within 7 days of the meeting.

If members wish to discuss or put their perspective forward relating to any agenda items in advance of the meeting, or if they wish to raise any issues unrelated to agenda items (to potentially be added), this can be done via the BU Community Forum (Google Groups), or by contacting the associated Director or the Director of Communications.

Some committee meetings may involve sensitive discussions, relating to wellbeing or safeguarding issues. These issues will be redacted from the agenda and minutes published for the meeting, to protect confidentiality and due process, but will be shared in full with the appropriate Safeguarding/Wellbeing Officer and kept for club records.

Very rarely, the committee may need to meet to discuss issues without time to fully advertise the agenda to the membership (an extraordinary committee meeting). In these cases, we will publicise the accelerated timescale, agenda and minutes.  

Committee Meeting “Standard” Agenda

Ordinary committee meetings will follow the standard format below. This is intended to facilitate information sharing among the committee, and to make the minutes of meetings easier to follow for members. This format will be:

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting [summary of actions]
  2. Reports from each member of the committee on their projects including updates and any points for discussion.
  3. AOB (including points raised by members).

If members wish to discuss or raise any comments relating to the published minutes, this can be done via the BU Community Forum (Google Groups) or the associated Director. If members for any reason do not wish to raise these points in the forum or with the associated Director, they may direct their comments to the Director of Communications, or to the President.