2014 AGM Results

Not daunted by the Rocky Horror Picture Show hosted next door, Brighton Ultimate held our annual general meeting (AGM) this Tuesday at Falmer Bar. Roland kindly chaired a summary of the 2013/2014 year and votes were cast for the new 2014/2015 committee.

After a successful year of Ultimate, tournaments and fundraising (with a very special mention to Sarah McCann and the SICKO TDs!), Brighton Ultimate has the pleasure to announce our new committee:


President     John Maule

Vice President     Toby Whitehead

Secretary     Hannah Brew

Treasurer     Roland Tomlinson

Social Secretary     Ste Kyle

Junior Participation Officer     Richard Roberts

Webmaster (Tech)     Ben Rich

Webmaster (Content)     Becky Evans

Mailing list/Social Media      Roland Tomlinson/Becky Evans

Sussex Uni Coordinator     Callum Heath

Brighton Uni Coordinator       Michael Sullivan


A very warm welcome!


As usual, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, Twitter @BrightonFrisbee and on this page for Tournaments, Trainings and Social fun. All eyes on Ste Kyle for news on the Christmas Social!